May 31, 2023

Northumberland High school making making a difference

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1)  Bahamas… 120 laptops.  Gone, done… there.  All good.
2)  This fall, we also donated 15 computers to a program in Roanoke named KidSoar – which is an after school program to help underserved kids – primary focus is literacy.
3)  We also just donated 18 computers and a printer to the Haven – a local shelter for battered and abused spouses.  They are using them to establish a lab for their residents – plus keeping some in a “library” which residents can check out.  Goal is for people to use them to complete job applications and online courses.
4)  We had planned to donate some to the school for autistic children in Nepal, although with COVID, that has been shelved for now.
5)  We are going to donate five to the Boys and Girls club in Kilmarnock.
6)  We also donated 13 computers to a school in Haiti – did that in January.  They have established a computer labs for the kids (these are the only computers in the entire town, believe it or not!)
7)  We have also donated about 25+ to the local community over the local year.  Many of which are going to elderly residents who use them to connect to social activities and church during the pandemic.
So, while an absolutely odd year….  some substantial impacts were made.  

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